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videos de Youtube que ver - must see videos

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 7 months ago

Todos estos videos estan en YouTube / All these are in Youtube just add the name to the search section


La vision del indigena/ The vision of the indigenous people:


Gnu'u nuni 1/Las palabras del maíz 1/ The words of corn (cuarto videos en español/ four videos in spanish)

estos los tienen que ver todo/ everyone should see these videos.






Nafta y el maíz: Reasons for the problem of the loss of corn in Mexico


Immigration and Nafta. No Corn, no country (conferencia en ingles sobre el maíz/ this video is in english)



Pais Maiz: Sin Maíz No Hay Pais ( video en español/ video in spanish)



Sin maîz no hay pais: En Contexto ( video en español/video in spanish) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sdd7nM8oTsk&feature=related


Cristina Barros y el Maíz ( video en español/video in spanish) una de las mujeres que escribe en el libro sin maiz no hay paíz



The Wonderful World of Nafta (part1 and 2) in english/ en español




Slow Food videos: A concept of living with food from Italy find out more at www.slow food


Carlo Petrini speaks at Cowell Theater - Part One


Carlo Petrini speaks at Slow Food Picnic - Russian River - Two


Carlo Petrini speaks at Slow Food Picnic - Part three


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