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Artistas - Artists

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Acerca del proyecto MAMAZ - About the MAMAZ project


Xhua Shela Nhaban Chechho

El Maíz es Nuestra Vida

Corn is our life

This is an exhibition that includes the  art work of 48 female artist from Oaxaca, Mexico.



                Base de datos - Database



Adriana Audiffred,  Berenice Torres Almazán, Marietta Bernstorff


Laura Blacona, Gina Iturbe Bueno, Valerie Campos


Adriana Calatayud, Itzmali Coca, Noel Dora Chilton


Salime Harp Cruces, Gitte Daehlin, Irene Dubrovsky


Maddalena Forcella, Ann Miller Frances, Rowena Galavitz


Lucero Gonzalez, Maricela Gómez, Miriam Ladrón de Guevara


Esther Guízar,  Selma Guisande,Mariana Gullco


Lorena Harp, Laura Hernández, Claudia Jíménez


Selma GuizandeGuadalupe Cortes López, Laurie Litowitz, Cristina Luna


Luna Maran, Cynthia Martinez, Rosa Martha Toledo Martinez


Roxana Acevedo Madrid, Maries Mendiola, Cecilia Salcedo Méndez


Edith Morales, Nadja Massun, Roberta Neiman


Mari Olguín, Luisa Restrepo, Ornella Ridone


Beatriz Russek, Martha Sánchez, Emilia Sandoval


Ana Santos, Lorena Silva, Marcela Taboada


Masako Takahashi, Rosa Vallejo, Sara Corenstein Woldenberg





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